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Make room for

When you select Ponsbourne as your wedding venue, you will be rewarded with the option to accept exclusive use of our 20 deluxe ensuite bedrooms. Should you choose to book your wedding in our Ponsbourne Suite, you will, likewise, have access to our 4 brand-new, beautifully designed bridal suites in addition.

Treat your guests generously with elegantly appointed rooms that encapsulate your appreciation

Adequate is never enough when it comes to showing your closest friends and loved ones your gratitude. Our rooms have been thoughtfully designed with impressive décor so that you might impress upon your guests their intrinsic value. Weddings are a true celebration so there is merit behind the concept of treating your guests generously.


Let them know you appreciate their presence with our modern, yet luxuriously adapted ensuite rooms located inside our superbly renovated Victorian Manor.

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