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Welcome to Ponsbourne, where modern day amenities are nestled atop a magical Victorian setting.

Welcome to Ponsbourne, where the luxurious modern day is nestled atop a magical Victorian setting. At Ponsbourne you will experience crisp, modern day and generously appointed accommodation overlooking 200 lush acres of historic Hertfordshire countryside. Just a stone’s throw from Central London, we are conveniently located approximately an hour or or less from all three London airports; Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted.



Majestically overlooking Ponsbourne Park,  Ponsbourne has a history that dates back to the 12th century when it was part of the Hatfield Estates of Bishop of Ely. Later, in the 15th Century, it was passed to the Chief Justice of the King’s Bench whilst many of the large estates in England were coming to The Crown for dissolution. The Chief Justice, author of De Laudibus Legum Angliae, or the Commendation of the Laws of England was none other than Sir John Fortescue. The 18th century then saw the buildings of Fortescue demolished to make way for the building that stands today. James William Carlile then purchased Ponsbourne in 1875 and set about on a historical and developmental project. It was thanks to him that we have the beautiful gardens that include rock pools, waterfalls and bridges that remain through today. In more recent years, Ponsbourne has served as a children’s school during World War II as well as St. Dominic’s Priory.

2018 saw our most recent restoration, undertaken by Brian Cromer, during which Ponsbourne was restored to her former glory. Experts around the world lent their guidance as the property was carefully brought back to life. Original features were painstakingly restored and modern, luxurious facilities, furnishings and updates added to complete the seamless blend of modernity and rich history.

The serenity of a Victorian English country estate blended seamlessly with the comfort of a modern luxurious hotel 

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