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An elegant, energetic
dining experience

Located in Ponsbourne Hotel, 1876 Bar & Restaurant offers elegance and energy to diners wishing to tantalise their taste buds in an exquisite dining atmosphere.


A modern, elegant dining experience for all occasions.

Our elegant, modern and energetic bar is available once again to the public as well as our fine guests prior to commencing their pre-booked pod or dome dining experiences. Once you enter our bar area, you will be treated to a sensory delight as you take in the visually stunning opulence that is our bar area. Your drinks will be served to you with friendliness and efficiency.

In our restaurant, you will enjoy excellent service and exquisite delights, underpinned by fantastic decor and stunning interior design. The combination of service, decor and cuisine will amount to an exceptional night out for you and your party no matter the occasion.

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