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Relax and unwind in your private haven

From spacious surrounds to exceptional views of postcard-worthy landscapes, each of our luxury ensuite rooms have been designed with you in mind. Here, you can relax and unwind in your private haven, settling amongst lush furnishings and modern facilities. Across Ponsbourne Hotel, you will want for nothing.



Each of our ensuite rooms at Ponsbourne Hotel have been carefully curated to offer you the ultimate in luxury, with complimentary Wi-Fi enabling you to stay connected to the outside world. In your room, you can put your feet up and indulge in complimentary tea and coffee, surrounding yourself with stylish interiors that have been handpicked by our contemporary designers.

Family breaks

There is something charming about escaping to the beauty of the countryside with your family. Our family-friendly ensuite rooms are large enough to offer you all of the facilities that you need, regardless of the size of your family. Ponsbourne Hotel offers all of the facilities that you need to spend time relaxing with your nearest and dearest, perhaps stopping to immerse yourself in countryside activities.


Things to do

In Hertfordshire, there are plenty things for you to do and enjoy, either on your own or as part of a larger group. You can go hiking through the natural landscape, partake in outdoor activities, and enjoy some of the storied events that happen within our peaceful oasis. When you need a break, perhaps stop to indulge in the unique eatery we offer at Ponsbourne Pods. Savour world class Indian cuisine in the lap of luxury, completely private and innovatively self-contained as part of your dining experience within our pods.

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