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Idyllic venue for business meetings

Given our close proximity to central London, we stand as a rather idyllic venue for business meetings and bonding sessions outside of the concrete jungle that is the nation’s capital. Here, you can relax and soak in your surroundings with your colleagues, settling in to tackle challenges head on, forging bonds and building workplace relations.


Meeting rooms and spaces

We understand the importance of creating an atmosphere where you and your colleagues can relax and discuss important manners, which is why each of our meeting rooms and event spaces have been created with you in mind. If you have any specific requests, please get in touch with our reservations team before you make your booking.


Whether you are scheduling a team meeting or creating a bonding session for your colleagues, entertainment is massively important. When people are entertained, they are happy. When people are happy, they are more than likely to react well to whatever it is that you are trying to achieve. If you contact our team of experts, they will be more than happy to help you to schedule entertainment that suits your needs.



Given that the Ponsbourne Hotel is a luxury getaway spot, all of our accommodation has been equipped with modern facilities, including complimentary Wi-Fi that you are welcome to use during the duration of your trip. With a wide selection of double rooms and superior rooms, we are certain that there will be something here to suit your needs.

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